Chipman’s Mill

Chipmans Mill

Chipman’s Mill Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Chipman’s Mill is located on the mill pond of the same name near Laurel. The one story mill, built by Joseph Chipman in 1884, functioned into the late 1940’s before it fell into disuse. Chipman’s Mill was powered solely by water. Small mills of this […]

Christ United Methodist Church

Christ United Methodist Church Located adjacent to St. Philip’s Church in Laurel, Christ United Methodist Church‘s history dates back to 1831. This is the year the Methodist Protestant Church was established in Laurel. A year later, the church opened in an old school house on West Street. In 1866, land was purchased for construction of […]

DuPont Factory Worker’s Homes Bult in 1885

DuPont Factory Worker’s Homes Bult in 1885 In the 1880’s Laurel was booming and the economy was thriving. In February of 1881, the Morning News reported that many new houses were being built, and that older ones were being freshly painted. That same year the Delaware State Journal reported that Laurel had the largest lumber […]

Historic Laurel

Historic Laurel Historic Laurel is listed on the National Register of Historic Districts. The coming of the railroad in 1859created a major economic boost for the town, which is evident in many large homes that were built in the late 19th century and still stand today. One of the major historical industries in Laurel was […]