Woodland Methodist Church and Cemetery

Woodland Methodist Church and Cemetery In 1843, Mrs. Boling and her son, Jacob Nicholson built a small place of worship at Cannon’s Ferry (now Woodland). The land was deeded in 1832 and was always meant to be the site for a church. In 1883, the present church was built. Electricity was installed with a remodeling […]

Cannon Hall

Cannon Hall Located near the Woodland Ferry landing, Cannon Hall was the most prominent building in the area. Built in 1820, Cannon Hall was originally intended as a home for Jacob Cannon and his bride, but after she decided not to marry him, he never moved in, and the house stood empty for many years. […]

Woodland Ferry

Woodland Ferry Formerly known as Cannon’s Ferry, Woodland Ferry was founded in the 1760’s, and is the oldest operating ferry in the United States. Members of the Cannon family were the first to operate a ferry at this point along the Nanticoke River. Jacob and Betty Cannon first opened the ferry and proprietorship passed to […]