Seford Train Station Complex

Built in 1856, the rail station is a reminder of the importance of the railroad to the Western Sussex area. After it was built, new trade routes opened northward, and these new routes helped to change the character of the area’s agricultural production. In addition, any town that secured a rail station was guaranteed designation as an important trade center. Seaford benefited from the resulting prosperity. The original station was destroyed by fire in the early 1900’s. The second station, still in use today, was built in 1902 adjacent to the site of the old station. Originally, the railroad was used for passenger, freight, and mail service. Passenger service was discontinued in 1965. The freight trains were used to carry local produce, goods and seafood. Today, the railroad is used mainly to haul local grain, chemicals, liquid propane, coal, wood, and supplies for the Invista plant.